Major Renovation Of Ranch Home

Old House New House: Blending Two Generations Of Families And Architecture

by Laurie Camp

Rob Visher’s grandmother left him the house her husband had designed and built with the request that Rob love and cherish it as much as they had. “This house meant everything to my grandparents because they put so much work into it and raised their only child here. When we inherited it we knew it needed to be updated, but it was very important to us that we keep the footprint and exterior first floor walls intact. After months of research, we chose Bradford and Kent to the remodeling project. We picked Bradford and Kent because we had seen several of their home additions and kitchen remodeling projects here in Downers Grove and knew they did quality work. We could also tell they shared the same passion we have for the house. On August 4, 2012, which would have been my grandparents 55th anniversary, we moved into our brand new old house. I think my grandparents would have been thrilled to see the changes we made like adding a second story and renovating the kitchen, but most of all that we kept the beautiful foundation they created,” explained Rob.

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