Exterior Makeovers

Your Successful Exterior Makeover Project Starts Here

Whether you want to make simple changes to your home’s exterior or give it a complete makeover, we have an assortment of architectural elements that will work. Tell us your vision, and our exterior experts will show you the possibilities using our unique design process.

Your Vision

We will start the process by asking you what you want to accomplish, and discussing possible ways to achieve your goal. We will also take photos and measurements of your exterior. Our designers will take this information back to Bradford and Kent, and get to work.

Conceptual Drawings

Our team of architectural designers will discuss how best to accomplish your goals. We will present these ideas to you using our exclusive 3D software program. This makes it easy for you to envision and change your exterior project. Our design process is an interactive partnership because our goal is for you to be completely satisfied.


Architectural Drawings

After you have approved the project. an architectural drawing will be rendered. This will be used for permitting.

Finished Product

We understand the importance of curb appeal. It is the first impression family and friends have of your home. Studies show that your home’s perceived value can increase as much as 6% with something as small as an enhanced entryway. Small or large, our exterior makeovers wow our clients.

Our Difference Is In The Details

At Bradford and Kent we understand that details make the difference. This is why we take special care to make sure everything looks perfect from the trim around the windows to the color of the siding, and from the porch light to the columns on the porch. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Bradford & Kent Are The Experts In Exterior Home Remodeling

Schedule your free in-home exterior remodeling consultation and allow us to show you why we love what we do. .